Production Line EPC/EP

    1. Cement Production Line
    2. Cement Production Line Pengfei Group is an EPC contractor for enterprises requiring dry process cement production lines with daily capacity no more than 10,000 tons.
    1. Active lime production line
    2. Active lime production line PENGFEI provides active lime production line with capacity smaller than 1200 t/d.
    1. Material Feed Weigher
    2. Compound Fertilizer Production Line The compound fertilizer production line incorporates the production processes of raw material dosing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, classification, coating and packaging.
    1. Material Feed Weigher
    2. Cement Grinding Plant The cement clinker production line is usually built in mines while the cement grinding plant is often built in the vicinity of city’s cement sales market.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of rotary kilns and grinding equipment, and in 2019, we were successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, demonstrating our close relationships with our customers. At Pengfei, we offer design, production and services for construction, metallurgy, chemical and environmental protection industry. As an EPC service provider, we provide customized one-stop solutions including design, procurement, construction and trial operations to better serve our clients.