Cement Production Control System

    1. Automatic Liquid Resistance Starter
    2. Automatic Liquid Resistance Starter It overcomes the traditional starters' shortcomings of large starting current, incapability of consecutive starts, difficult start, short service life, and frequent maintenance. It is widely used to start the wound-rotor motors of crusher, shredder, ball mill, draught fan, and water pump in petrochemical, building materials, mining, metallurgy, sugar refining, and other industries.
    1. High Voltage Cage Motor Liquid Resistance Starter
    2. High Voltage Cage Motor Liquid Resistance Starter It is characterized by small and constant starting current as well as gradually increased rotational speed. Its performance is far superior to that of starting by reactor or autotransformer. This product can be widely applied in the steel, petrochemical, building materials, chemical fertilizer, papermaking, pharmacy, metallurgy, and other fields.
    1. High Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Cabinet
    2. High Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Cabinet It is directly connected in parallel to the high-voltage motor stator to compensate the reactive power consumed by the motor itself, to improve power factor, and to improve power supply quality. It is suitable for use in mining, metallurgy, mechanical, petrochemical, building materials, and other industries.
    1. Cement Production Line Distributed Control System
    2. Cement Production Line Distributed Control System It can conduct interlock control over all devices on the production line and automatically adjust various key parameters. It can collect and query a variety of production data, process parameters, equipment running data and historical curves. By using the advanced industrial Ethernet technology, we build a manufacturing execution system (MES) and connect this MES with the DCS ...
    1. Lubrication System and Mill Control Cabinet
    2. Lubrication System and Mill Control Cabinet This cabinet is responsible for the mill head lubrication oil station control, mill tail lubrication oil station control, mill auxiliary transmission control, lubrication oil station motor control, as well as mill head and tail engine bearing temperature display. According to customer needs, PLC control can be adopted and DCS interface can be provided.
    1. Material Feed Weigher
    2. Material Feed Weigher The reducer end face flange is directly connected with the drive roller of the scale body, which simplifies the design of the rotation part and facilitates installation. The unique spring leaf weighing mechanism and special weak magnetism gear speed measuring device give accurate and stable weighing and speed measuring signals. A special device preventing the belt deviating from the track is adopted.
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