Conveying, Lifting, Packing Equipment

In addition to rotary kiln, ball mill and other large-scale machines, our company is also committed to developing various advanced conveying, lifting, and packing equipment, such as rubber belt conveyor, elevator conveyor, vibrating feeder, and cement packaging machine. These products have high performance and low power consumption. They are easy to install and convenient to maintain. Additionally, there are gates of various specifications for customers to choose.

    1. Rubber Belt Conveyor
    2. Rubber Belt Conveyor The TD75 series of rubber belt conveyor can be used to convey dry or wet powdery, granular or bulk materials. It can convey a large amount of materials for a long distance and it is less restricted by the terrain and road conditions. Materials can be loaded and unloaded during conveying. With small running resistance and low power consumption, this rubber belt conveyor is an efficient transport tool.
    1. Elevator Conveyor
    2. Elevator Conveyor This machine is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small-block materials with the bulk density not greater than 1.5t/m3 and the temperature not more than 250℃. Our product is compact in structure and light in weight. It runs smoothly with little noise. It is convenient to install, adjust, use, and maintain. Additionally, it has long service life.
    1. Air Slide Conveyor
    2. Air Slide Conveyor Since it has no rotating parts, it runs with no noise and it has low power consumption. It is safe to operate and convenient to maintain. It also has good sealing property. Changing the conveying direction is very convenient. Multi-point feed and multi-point discharge are achievable. Due to the above advantages, the air slide conveyor is widely used.
    1. Vibrating Feeder
    2. Vibrating Feeder It can feed materials to the crushing machinery in the sand and gravel production line, and it can coarsely screen those materials. The vibrating feeder is able to feed bulk or granular materials to the device which receives the materials uniformly, regularly, and continuously.
    1. Cement Packaging Machine
    2. Cement Packaging Machine When the cement amount in the packaging bag reaches the specified value, the gate valve is closed. In the meantime, the automatic bag releasing mechanism starts working. It makes the cement bag fall down and tilt outwards. Our cement packaging machine is equipped with a unique and novel automatic bag releasing mechanism.
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