Vertical Roller Mill

    1. Vertical Slag Mill
    2. Vertical Slag Mill This series of vertical slag mill is constantly improved based on users feedback and our years of technology development. It is energy saving and suitable for ultrafine powder production. It features low noise, simplified production flow, high grinding efficiency, high drying capacity, low energy consumption, and low operational cost.
    1. Vertical Raw Mill
    2. Vertical Raw Mill The vertical raw mill has high grinding efficiency. Due to innovative material-grinding principle, it reduces power consumption by 20-30% as compared with ball mills. The higher the feeding material moisture content, the more energy the machine can save. The grinding mill has high drying capacity, as it uses the hot waste gas from the cement kiln for material drying.
    1. Vertical Mill
    2. Vertical Mill Our HRM and PRM types of vertical mill are designed with both grinding wheel and grinding rollers. The rollers press with high pressure against the rotating grinding wheel, so as to grind the materials to desired fineness. The grinding equipment primarily consists of grinding rollers, grinding wheel, pressure-increasing device, speed reducer, electric motor, powder separator, and machine shell.
    1. Vertical Pre-Grinding Mill
    2. Vertical Pre-Grinding Mill The VPM series vertical pre-grinding mill is equipped with a grinding wheel and three rollers. The rollers are driven by a hydraulic cylinder to symmetrically rotate with high downward pressure against the grinding wheel, so as to shear, crush, and grind the feeding material on the wheel. If used with a ball mill together, it can create a cycled grinding system to fulfill pre-grinding, powder classifying and pre-grinding, as well as final grinding tasks.
    1. Vertical Coal Mill
    2. Vertical Coal MillThe vertical coal mill offers good material compatibility, so it can be used for grinding a series of medium-hardness materials, in addition to coal. With low energy consumption and small installation space, it is an economical solution for power generation, chemical, building materials, and metallurgy industries. The machine offers reliable operation under both high and low load conditions, and its grinding system parts has long service life.
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