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Add.: Benjiaji, Northern Suburb of Hai'an City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
E-mail: pfzjl@pengfei.com.cn
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Contact Person: Chen Lei
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Processing Equipment

For each project, regardless of scale, we aim to complete it perfectly, without missing any detail.

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Large gear hobbing machine group
Large vertical lathe group
Φ12.0m gear hobbing machine, produced in Russia Φ6.3×16m floor-type lathe Φ8.0×20m annealing furnace
Large gear hobbing machine group 200-ton large crane Φ8m vertical lathe, produced in Russia
Φ8.0m gear hobbing machine 18m milling machine Φ2200mm floor boring machine
Large vertical lathe group Φ9.0m vertical lathe Heat treatment workshop
φ3.2m×90mm three roller coiling machine 75-ton large crane φ5.0×15m floor-type lathe
Automatic submerged arc welding machine φ6.5×16m annealing furnace 100-ton open-air crane
CNC plasma cutting machine φ2.5m vertical lathe φ3.2m vertical lathe
Ф10.0×21m floor-type lathe Gantry milling machine Paint room
400-ton large crane Large shot-blasting machine CNC milling machine
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