1. Cyclonic Dust CollectorDesigned to separate solid particulate matter from air or liquid, the CLK type cyclone dust collector is composed of barrel, air inlet pipe, and outlet pipe. As an environmentally friendly machine, it is mostly used in the construction field.
      Compact structure, small volume, high efficiency, reliable performance, convenient maintenance
      Suitable for collecting dry non-fibrous particulate dust
    1. Air Tank Pulse Bag FilterThe dust hopper can be extended to the bottom of the outlet pipe, making the dust-laden gas directly enter the expanded dust hopper to achieve the purpose of collecting dust in advance. The straight horizontal pipe which is easily blocked is removed. Therefore, our air tank pulse bag filter can process gases with the dust concentration as high as 1000g/m3.

Cement Plant Dust Collector, Environmental Protection Equipment

Our cement plant dust collector is characterized by large processing capacity, good cleaning effect, efficient dust removal, reliable running, convenient maintenance, and small floor area. It is widely applied in the metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.

The dust collector is mainly composed of the dust hopper, filter chamber, net gas chamber, support, lift valve, and injection dust cleaning device. During working, the dusty gas enters the dust hopper through the air passage. Large-particle dust directly falls onto the bottom of the dust hopper. Dust of small particles moves with airflow into the filter chamber and is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag. The filtered gas moves out of the filter bag, through the net gas bag, and into the outtake. It is finally discharged from the exhaust outlet.

1. Efficient Dust Collection
The dust collection efficiency is greater than 99.9% and the dust concentration of the filtered gas is less than 50mg/m3.

2. High Degree of Automation
Our product adopts microcomputer automatic control technology. Dust is cleaned per box and it is then automatically discharged.

3. Advanced Technology
The cement plant dust collector is developed on the basis of technology from Fuller Company and by absorbing Germany dust collecting technology. It integrates the advantages of sub-room cleaning dust catcher and pulse blow dust catcher while overcoming their weaknesses, such as insufficient kinetic energy in sub-room cleaning and simultaneous conduct of filtering and cleaning in pulse blowing. So our product has extensive adaptability and high dust collecting efficiency.

4. High Rate of Operation
Maintenance can be conducted without stopping the machine, so the operation rate of our product reaches 100%. Filter bags can be replaced per room.

5. Long Service Life
High-quality pulse valve, which is stable and efficient, is adopted. Coupled with quality needle felt filter material, the filter bag has an average service life of two years or more.

6. Wide Application
Our dust collector can process dusty gas with the initial dust concentration of 1300g/m3. It can also be used as the finished product collecting device for the O-sepa powder selector, vertical mill, and others. If coupled with specially-processed needle felt filter material or other special filter materials, our product can be used to process dust of different properties. For example, if anti-static filter material is used, high-concentration pulverized coal dust can be processed.

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