1. Cement Rotary KilnOur cement kiln with sturdy structure runs smoothly and produces high quality cement clinker. It can be equipped with shaft preheater or five-stage cyclone preheater for option. With convenient and reliable operation, the machine offers stable thermal efficiency, and improved equipment operation rate. Comparing with its counterparts with the same specifications, the machine increases its operation rate by 10% and production capacity by 5%-10%, and reduces heat consumption by 15%.
    1. Titanium Dioxide Rotary KilnFirstly, feed the filtered titanium dioxide hydrolysate into the upper end of kiln. Then, the burning chamber at the lower end will blow clean flame and hot air to dry and calcine the feeding material at a high temperature over 1000℃. In the meanwhile, the material tumbles due to the rotary of shell, and also moves toward the lower end of rotary kiln due to the slope, which ensures continuous and complete dehydration and calcine.
    1. Lime Rotary KilnA vertical cooler at the lower end is available to cool the high temperature lime materials, so as to improve the lime activity, and ensure convenient conveying and transportation. The process also provides the kiln with relatively high temperature secondary air, which increases the temperature inside the kiln. This results in reduced fuel consumption. The waste gas discharged from the vertical preheater comes with temperature between 280℃ and 350℃, and low dust content of 20g/Nm3.
    1. Kaolin Rotary Kiln, Bauxite Calciner, Zinc Oxide CalcinerOur kaolin rotary kiln, bauxite calciner, and zinc oxide calciner machines are designed to calcine materials at temperatures between 950℃ and 1050℃ inside the shell. They are typical representatives of the new trend in calcining field, and support decarburization and whitening of feeding materials. Characterized by low energy consumption and high productivity, this range of rotary kiln has been extensively used for manufacture of not only kaolin ...
    1. Oxidized Pellet Rotary KilnThe guard board at the kiln mouth and the feed material-recycling unit at the kiln tail are cast individually, so they are convenient for mounting and offer superior resistance to heat, corrosion, and wearing. Cooling air system at the lower kiln end ensures uniform cooling for the shell body and guard plate, providing higher safety and reliability.
    1. Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industry Rotary KilnIn order to enhance reliability, this range of non-ferrous metallurgical industry rotary kiln is equipped with self-aligned, supporting roller bearings with large diameter and small length-diameter ratio. The new type sealing method for the open gear cover provides superior sealing performance. The kiln adopts a flexible seal system made up of overlapped seal leaves. Double-layer seal leaves offers increased heat insulation and better sealing performance as well as extended service life.

Rotary Kiln

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