1. Dry Process Cement Production LineThe dry process cement production line includes a material blending bed with both material storage and material pre-homogenization functions. Thus, material pre-homogenization is realized during material storage and reclaiming process. The production of every 1 ton Portland cement requires at least 3 tons of material supplies, including various raw materials, fuels, clinker, mixtures, and gypsum. Statistically, 60% of the total energy consumption utilized during ...
    1. 1000 Ton Cement Processing LineThe cement production line adopts our PCD1612 single stage hammer crusher for limestone crushing. The crusher has desired capacity of 100-140t/h. It supports crushing 300mm feeding particles into 25mm ones. If working 8 hours a day, and with annual utilization rate of 30%, the crushing equipment can satisfy the 1000t/d cement production demand by offering annual crushing capacity up to 240732.76 tons, or daily capacity up to 732.82 tons.
    1. 1500 Ton Cement Processing LineBased on dry process cement production technique, we have successfully developed this 1500 ton cement processing line. Incorporating a φ3.5×54m rotary kiln, the cement production line is designed with a decomposition furnace and a five-stage cyclone preheater at the kiln tail.
      Five-stage cyclone preheating, and decomposition of powdered raw mix
      Cement clinker making in rotary kiln
    1. 2500 Ton Dry Process Cement PlantThe 2500ton dry process cement plant adopts the MLS3626 vertical grinding mill to grind the raw mix. The mill can use the waste gas from the preheating system as the heat source for material drying. Its production capacity is 185t/h, on condition that the 90% feeding material size is no more than 75%, the discharging material size is 80μm, the screen residue of square mesh sieve is less than 12%, the feeding material water content is less than 8%, and the discharging material
    1. 3000 Ton Dry Process Cement PlantOur 3000 ton dry process cement plant requires four silos in the raw material batching station for storage of ire ore tailings, limestone, silica, and wet fly ash, respectively. Each silo is designed with a plate feeder, and a constant weight feeder. Thus, the four kinds of material are discharged according to desired proportion from the silos, and then are delivered by belt conveyor to a small storehouse to be fed into raw material mill.
    1. 5000 Ton Dry Process Cement PlantThe dry process cement production line includes a single stage hammer crusher for limestone crushing. The simplified production flow reduces electricity consumption. A vertical grinding mill is adopted for raw material grinding. As compared with conventional middle-discharging mill and air swept mill, the vertical mill reduces power consumption by 5-7kW×h/t.

Cement Production Line, Cement Making Machine

Pengfei Group is an EPC contractor for enterprises requiring dry process cement production lines with daily capacity no more than 10,000 tons. Its business scope covers cement production line design, construction, assembly, as well as installation and commissioning. The company also offers corresponding technical supports.

Up to now, the group has successfully built cement production lines with capacity of 600-1200t/d, 1500t/d, 2500t/d, 3000t/d, 5000t/d, and 6000t/d.

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